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Grass Fed Beef & Pasture Raised Meats from Family Farms

Finding high quality whole foods from producers you trust is too difficult. We're giving healthy eaters back the confidence & convenience you deserve with the highest quality 100% grass fed beef and pasture raised meats from small family farms you can trust.

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100% Grass Fed Beef & Free Range Meats

Our mission is to create a holistic food system that gives everyone access to high quality, healthy, and responsibly raised food. Shop with confidence knowing eveything is pasture raised on the same artisan family farms everytime. Cook with confidence knowing everything is antibiotic free, hormone free, and never from factory farms.

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Meal kits & subscription boxes are great, but they're not for everyone. Why be restricted to limited choices and items you don't want? With Farmer Girl Meats, you're in control of what you get and when it's delivered.

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