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"Ninety-six percent of the meat supply that comes through the grocery store is from what we now know as factory farming, big feedlots..."

Factory Farms, or 'Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations' (CAFOs) rely on mass production, confinement, corn, soy, antibiotics, and growth hormones to produce food as cheaply as possible.

Leslie the Farmer Girl

A Better Way

  • We believe animals should be given continuous and unconfined access to pasture throughout their life. We do not believe in confinement areas and feedlots whatsoever.
  • We believe your food should never have antibiotics, hormones, or steroids in it, ever!
  • We believe sustainable farming practices, rotational grazing, and Holistic Land Mangement can clean-up and even restore the environment.
  • We believe animals should be happy! They should live in small herds, roaming the pasture freely year-round.
  • We believe your food should be healthy! Rich in vitamins and nutrients, from animals that eat a natural diet and live a low-stress life.
  • We believe your food should taste great!

"We feel like to be small, is at the heart of being great. You can't have quality and quantity at the same time."

Farm to Table Eating with Farmer Girl Meats

Our 100% Grass Fed & Pasture Raised eats are only available in our online store. Shop online and we'll deliver them right to you, from our pasture to your porch.

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Healthy thanks to Feast TV for featuring us on the show and Forever An Astronaut for producing the video.