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Mettenburg Farms | Grass Fed Beef

Operated by Al and Roxanne Mettenburg near Princeton, Kan., Mettenburg Farm is operated by Leslie's parents. A place of green grasses, rolling hills, and happy animals (human and otherwise), the farm sits on a pile of Kansas limestone, which means it’s a premium location for growing one thing: native prairie grasses. Tired of fighting the rock and burning fossil fuels to do so, the Mettenburgs returned their crop ground to the grasses years ago (much of the farm had always been native grass). Then they realized that their herd of premium, carefully managed Simmental cattle didn’t put them in the beef business… it put them in the grass business. All of our 100% grass fed and grass finished cattle are born and raised right on our farm and never receive hormones, antibiotics, or steroids.

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Bauman Cedar Valley Farms | Pasture-Raised Chicken

Bauman’s is a small family farm, just a hop down the road from Leslie’s family farm. When the Bauman’s purchased Cedar Valley farmstead over 10 years ago, they decided to raise chickens on pasture for the duration of their life, after spending about three weeks in the brooder until they grow their feathers. They then spend their life hunting bugs, eating grass and frolicking in the field. They're watched from afar by Anatolian Shepherd guard dogs, raised from puppyhood with the flock. These doggies think they are part of the chicken brood - literally – and fiercely protect their fowl family from roaming predators. At night, the dogs and Roseanna Bauman tuck the entire flock to bed in their moveable coop houses. Bauman Cedar Valley Farms also operate their own USDA-approved and certified processing plant, Bauman's Butchery, ensuring the highest quality poultry product.

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Roberts Family Farm | Pasture-Raised Pork

Farmer Girl pasture raises heritage breed pork on the Roberts Farm in Kidder, Missouri. The Roberts are a passionate group, dedicated to humane treatment of their hogs by tending to them by hand. You won't find any weird hog confinements on this craft farm. The happy piggies have continuous access to green pastures and warm sunshine and never receive added hormones, antibiotics, steroids, or other artificial growth promotants. The Roberts take so much pride in their craft, it's no wonder our heritage pork is some of the highest quality you'll find.

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Vesecky Family Farm | Pasture-Raised Turkey

Our free range turkeys spend their days on the wide open pastures of Vesecky Family Farm. On a visit to the farm, you'd find expanses of green grass and forest dotted with frolicking birds foraging for seeds, small insects, and berries. As with the rest of our farms, our turkeys live a clean, natural life, never experiencing the atrocious practices of factory farms that have overrun our food system, and never receiving antibiotics or hormones, and enjoy a natural lifestyle that results in the healthy food just as mother nature intended.

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Our Partners

The Tallgrass Network | Holistic Land Management 

Farmer Girl Meats' farmers have been trained by grasslands revival expert Allan Savory's program at the Savory Institute. One of only 30 Savory Hub's worldwide, the Tallgrass Network Savory Hub serves 25 million acres once dominated by Tallgrass Prairie in Kansas and Missouri, including the land used to raise grass fed beef by Farmer Girl Meats. They're on a mission to not only restore and revitalize the native prairie on and around our farm, but to also share their expertise and train other farmers how to turn their business into a responsible practice that can support their business without damaging the environment. 

Palmer House Foods | Seasoning & Processing

Leslie tracked down Palmer House Foods to make our Farmer Girl Country Breakfast Sausagewith the same recipe she fell in love with when her mom made it for her as a young farmer girl. Palmer House Foods embraces the old-school traditions of cooking much like your great grandmother did, with an appreciation for quality ingredients and full-flavor. We only use premium cuts to make our artisan sausages with classic seasonings that compliment our farm-fresh pasture raised meats, not overwhelm them.

Swiss Meat & Sausage Co. | Processing

Located in Hermann, MO, Swiss Meat & Sausage Co. processes Farmer Girl Meats with the skill and craftsmanship necessary to preserve the integrity of small-batch, farm-to-table meats. They're inspected by both the USDA and the MO Department of Agriculture where the inspectors oversee quality-assurance programs to ensure the highest degree of professionalism and safety throughout the cutting and packaging processes.

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To learn more about our Raising Standards, Farm Protocols, and Animal Husbandry Guidlines, read our Raising Standards.

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Mettenburg Farms Grass Fed Commitment

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