Farm Fresh Grass Fed Beef

Our Mission

Create a holistic food system that gives everyone access to high quality, healthy, and responsibly raised food.

What started on the pastures of our little Midwest farm has grown into something that reaches far beyond our fences. Will you join us?

Our Vision

Industrial farm operations dominate the food system in the United States. The rise of modern factory farms has created tremendous public-health, environmental, and food quality issues.

We believe to save our planet and our health, we have to make drastic changes, right now. 

From the low-quality, nutrient deficient food they produce, to the reliance on chemicals, medicine, and growth hormones, to the massive environmental and waste hazards they've created; Serious issues arise from every angle of the modern industrialized food system.

Most meat found in neighborhood grocery stores are pumped full of antibiotics, hormones and steroids and grossly contaminated by the conditions they were raised in. Large processors inject their meat with solutions and pad their ground beef with fillers to make their products more profitable.

The essential nutrients found in meat raised in natural conditions have been removed from the animals diet, contributing to the very real epidemic of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and numerous other chronic inflammatory diseases.

We believe these problems are fixable.
We believe it's entirely possible to include meat as part of a healthy diet and support an environmentally friendly food system.

To even begin to find solutions to these problems, we had to take control of the entire process, starting with hand selecting small family farms who agree to uphold our values and maintain our standards.

Next we had to reinvent the supply chain from scratch, eliminating the middle man and reducing unnessary and wasteful practices of large scale distribution. So we built a one-of-a-kind online ordering system and best-in-class farm-to-table delivery process to connect our farms directly with our customers. This process is constantly evolving as we try to reduce our footprint and make delivery more efficient and affordable.

Now we're one of the only food hubs in the nation dedicated exclusively to building the farm-to-table meat supply chain.

We envision a future where consumers have the information and power to choose who raises their food, how it's raised, and where it comes from. As a result, we hope to create significant changes in people's nutrition and overall health while contributing to a healthier planet.

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Our Principles

No Yuck, Period.

No hormones, no antibiotics, ever. We don't use any industrial (factory farm) practices and raise all of our animals on wide open pasture with clean and holistic practices.

Small Batch Farming

Our animals are raised similarly to how their native ancestors lived, roaming and grazing natural grasslands in small herds. We don't use any industrial practices or confined spaces. All of our animals are cared for by craft farmers who care about their herds' health and wellbeing, and the quality and nourishment of the food they provide. 

Sustainable Practices

Our farmers use (and teach) holistic land management and planned grazing practices that reduce the destructive impact of factory farming and naturally revive endangered grasslands and prairie. 

Artisan Techniques

Our producers' and processers' craft has been passed down from generation to generation. The rich flavors and robust nutrition of our meats are the result of a truly dying art.