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Our Story

Meet the Farmer Girl.

Hi, my name is Leslie. I'm a mother of three, a business woman, and a third-generation farmer girl that grew-up eating clean, healthy meat raised right on the pastures of my family's grass fed beef farm.

As an adult I moved to the city and discovered that the quality of meat I'd come to expect was a complete mystery to the average household. I couldn't believe the celephane wrapped cuts of mass produced meat that lined my local grocery store's shelves were actually the norm. Put yourselves in my shoes and the whole situation was scary. Everyone believed that factory-farmed meat pumped with antibiotics and hormones was their only option!

Being so lucky as to have a grass fed beef farm back home, I started bringing cuts home with me everytime I visited the farm. Soon enough, friends were requesting orders and I was hauling back coolers full of meat for everyone I knew who'd discovered how much greener the grass truly was after they'd tried grass fed beef.

And that's how it started. I'd become the good-meat lady, hand delivering packages of meat from pasture to porch...

It soon became apparent that people really did want better meat, they just couldn't get it because no one was giving them access to it.

Farmer GirlSo I started Farmer Girl Meats with the mission of reshaping the food system and giving everyone access to clean, healthy, high quality meats from family farms they could trust.

Doing so has meant that we've had to re-create the local farm-to-table system. I had to build a path from the craft meat producers in the rolling pastures of the Midwest to a place where you could find and purchase cuts of higher quality meat and have it arrive delivered to your doorstep.

We've made great leaps towards making our mission a reality. After a long journey, we're really giving families everywhere access to the unmatched flavors, health benefits, and peace of mind that come with grass fed and free range meats.

You don't have to resign to factory farmed meat just because it's what's on the shelves. We farmers just have to get it to you in an easy, convenient way. Hence, Farmer Girl Meats.

Happy & Healthy Eating,