Farmer Girl Meats Team

Meet The Team

Leslie Moore Farmer Girl Meats Founder

Leslie Mettenburg Moore

Founder & Third Generation Farmer Girl

Leslie's a third generation farmer girl and the founder of Farmer Girl Meats. She was raised on her family's grass fed beef and started FGM to give everyone access to the same quality of healthful meats she grew up eating.

Leslie Moore Farmer Girl Meats Founder

Roxeanne Mettenburg

Chief Cow Officer

Leslie's mother is a second generation farmer girl, scientist, and professor at nearby KU. She's been been raising grass fed cattle holistically for over 40 years on their family farm in Princeton, KS and continues to provide the highest quality beef for Farmer Girl Meats.

Leslie Moore Farmer Girl Meats Founder

Al Mettenburg

Leslie's Dad & Grass Fed Beef Farmer

Nature-lover and grass fed beef farmer. Al's proud of his family's farm, his small herd of cattle, and of all the work his daughters are doing for the farm-to-table & holistic farming movements.

Julie Mettenburg Grass Fed Beef Farmer
Julie Mettenburg

Tallgrass Network Founder

Julie is Leslie's sister is the founder of the Tallgrass Network, one of 30 farming hubs worldwide dedicated to teaching and practicing sustainable livestock farming practices.


Mettenburg Farm Farmer Girl Meats
Jo Mettenburg

Resident Farm Cooking Guru

Jo's best memories of growing up on the farm are getting ready for the country fair devery summer. She loves exploring new recipes using everything from head-to-tail. Farm life taught her a strong work ethic and sense of responsibility.

Roseanna Bauman Free Range Chicken Farmer
Roseanna Bauman

Free Range Chicken Farmer

Just a hop down the road from Mettenburg farm, Roseanna tends to her flock of free range chicks with the help of her Anatolian guard dogs and her dedication to raising the highest quality chicken.


Kevin Roberts

Heritage Hog Farmer

Kevin and his son Jake have a special place in their heart for their drove of free range heritage breed hogs. They give them continuous access to pasture and sunshine year round.

Dale Davis

Free Range Egg Farmer

Dale is a small free range chicken farmer in Warrenton, MO. She raises hens for their beautiful multicolored eggs that are then delivered fresh from the farm to St. Louis locavores.


Karl Farmer Girl Marketing

Karl Kinder

Digital Marketing Manager

Karl's an adventurous locavore, both in the kitchen and out. When he's not trying out new recipes or sleeping in the woods, he's coming up with new ideas to spread the word about Farmer Girl Meats.

Shannon Dieckman

Farm-to-Table Logistics Expert

Shannon loves hanging out on the farm and spreading the word about living a healthy lifestyle. She inspects every order that leaves the farm for quality and accuracy and raises a small flock of chickens of her own.


Scott Yeargain

Grass Fed Beef Farmer

Scott is a philosophy professor. In particular, he loves to philosophize about small craft farming and his small but carefully cultivated cow herd.

Polly Yeargain

Grass Fed Beef Farmer

Polly recently made the switch from vegetarianism to eating and raising good, clean, healthy meat. She eats 'super-local' preferring to eat as much home-grown food as possible.


Jan Stelloh

Local Home Delivery Driver

Half of Team Stelloh, Jan loves learning the ins and outs of the city by way of farm-to-table deliveries. She also does fantastic embroidery, if you need a hook up...

Bud Stelloh

Local Home Delivery Driver

The other half of Team Stelloh, Bud is an expert navigator and deliverer of local meats. Without Bud, Team Stelloh would be utterly lost.



David Price

Local Delivery Driver

When he's not on a delivery route, Dave's the handy man of the squad. If somethings broke, he'll fix it. And if it's not, he'll find a better way to do it before it does.